Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trudy Update

Trudy has quickly become a part of our lives. And, just look at that face. How can anyone resist it? It is her teeth we can resist. I have not had a puppy for at least 30 years. Only adult, potty-trained dogs have been a part of my family. No whining, no training, and no teething on hands, magazines, and anything that can fit into a very small puppy mouth. My cousins Carroll and Don spent some time with me this week; and they too quickly fell under the Trudy spell. They are officially in love with her. Don, however, left with a few extra pucture wounds on his hand. It is poor Charlie who gets the brunt of all things Trudy. His poodle tail is very enticing. If my back is turned, Trudy grabs his tail, stuffs the pom-pom in her mouth and drags him across the floor. Now before you shriek, he is smart enough to move with her and I carry him or put him up high enough to keep away from the little darling. Charlie is getting even by eating her food. I think he is trying to starve her. Then there is the Alpha-Dog, Gracie. Trudy thought she might try her tail stub once, only once. She also tried to take a treat out of her mouth once, only once. Gracie also will break up any Trudy nonsense directed at Charlie. She just gets right in between them. Good for Gracie. Yes, life with a puppy is a challenge and a joy all at once. Did I mention she is sleeping until 6:30 AM now? ***sigh***

Monday, August 24, 2009

Annette's Crocheted with Fabric Purse

I crocheted a purse similar to this for Annette last year. When she visited me this year, she brought it to me for repair. She must have liked it because it was well used. I looked at it carefully and decided it really needed to be retired. She wanted something to wear with jeans. This is the fabric we came up with and I was able to use the same handle. Two Wacky Women sell this pattern. As you can see, Gracie wanted in the photo. She is just a little bent out of shape these days over the new puppy, Trudy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I love Skype. Skype is like video conferencing. You need a computer and a web cam. And, best of all, it is a free download. How does this picture relate? Because I have Skype and my daughter in Florida has Skype, two of my granddaughters helped select the fabric for this cute Swing Bag that is in the current issue of Quilts and More. First I made the center one out of fabric I have and like. Then I called Lauren and Maddie and showed it to them. That's when it got fun. I had a box of fat quarters with fabric I guessed would be a pass. I held up several selections in front of the computer and when Maddie saw the chocolate and yellow, that was it. So, the one on the left is for Maddie. Now it was Lauren's turn. I already knew she would want black and white so that made it a bit easier. So Black and white fabrics were held in front of the computer. The one on the lower right is her selection. I got all three made yesterday and that included a trip to the fabric store for the webbing and rings. Got to love those fast and easy projects. And you got to love the technology to connect with family who live 3000 miles from you. I love Skype!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing Trudy

It's a long story about how Trudy came to join our home; howver, it is my daughter, Jolene's, fault. She got the ball rolling on the Schnauzer. Most of you know, I am a Poodle person. A dedicated Poodle lover. But, this little girl is so cute, don't you think? Just look at that face. And way back in her history, a Schnauzer is a cross with a Pincher and Poodle. So it grows hair not fur and is considered hypo-allergenic and seldom sheds. Today is her first day in her new home, and fingers crossed) not a whimper one. And only one accident so far. Unlike my Bichon/Poodle, Gracie, who was a real struggle to train. Jolene will be taking one of Trudy's sisters. She has a friend who is visiting family here in Southern California and is leaving for home (also in Niceville, Florida) this Friday. Looks like I will have her sister here tomorrow night or at least until they pick her up either Thursday night or Friday early A.M. All in all she is fitting in quite nicely. Can you hear the big sigh of relief.................