Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have had this quilt for a long time.  I thought it was one of my very first quilts; however, when I started quilting I was very good about labels.  I even started out numbering each one.  That was before it all got out of control.  You know, buying fabric without projects in mind.  Finishing tops and folding up the flimsies to start another project.  Boxes, bags, or totes with partially finished quilts known as UFOs, WIPs, or PIGS sitting on shelves in the quilt room.  This quilt IS labeled and it says #10.  I have NO idea what those numbers would be today.
When my youngest granddaughter, Noelle, was visiting, each morning she would be the second one up.  I was the first who made it out to the family room to have my coffee and news.  She would leave her bedroom and walk right to the quilt rack and pick out this quilt to wrap up in.  Every morning. 
I think it may be the softest one I have.  I have some with poodles, some with zebras and leopards; but this was her choice.  Today I washed and dried it to mail off to her.  I think it needs to live with her.  :-)

Quilt happy,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My family has been visiting me since June 8th.  What a great time.  We took a road trip up to Northern California to see cousins near Sacramento and across the Bay Bridge to see more cousins near San Francisco.  We stopped in to Saratoga for lunch with my dear friend, Sue; and showed the Grands the house Mom grew up in. We had a side jaunt to Morro Bay, a favorite spot and even took the kids to Bob's Big Boy.  Kalani, my 8-year old grandson, ate a cheeseburger at each restaurant we visited.  And, like all good grandsons will say, Grandma made the best cheeseburger (I think it was the guacamole).
Uncle Rich and Aunt Janet managed to visit from Utah and Idaho last weekend.

Lauren, my 15 year-old granddaughter asked me if we would be able to make it to Ruby's since it IS tradition.  So, yesterday we had lunch at Ruby's on Seal Beach Pier. Ruby's makes the BESTEST milkshakes.

Today they are on their way back to Florida.  Sigh............................... :-(

Think I'll take the rest of the day off and quilt tomorrow.  Noelle, age 4 designed a quilt on her Leapster and asked that I make it for her birthday in December. 

Quilt happy,

Monday, June 27, 2011


This is one grandma who is just not a baker.  But, an opportunity arose this morning when Noelle talked about her favorite cookie (in fact, the only cookie she likes I was told) the Chocolate Chip.  So off to the cupboard to hunt for chocolate chips.  Aha, there sat a half a bag of mini chips.  Who knows why. 

I think she likes them (I am sooo not a baker).

Quilt happy,

Thursday, June 23, 2011


What a great bunch of comments I received from all of you out there.  I read each and every comment on what you like about blogging.  I am a day late getting this post done as I have been on a road trip throughout my beautiful state of California.  More on that later.  But, we have winners.  Two winners.

And the winners are:  Barb, who said:

Meeting wonderful people such as yourself, finding inspiration and answers to is just amazing what is out there.

What an awesome giveaway!!

and Bridget B who said:

I love looking at blogs and getting ideas I may use someday. Everyone is so helpful if you need advice about one of their projects. Thanks for hosting a giveaway

Congratulations to both Barb and Bridget B.  I will be contacting you for your snail-mail address.

And, because every post needs a picture:  Here is a picture of two cuties who helped make my road trip fun.  Kyle, my cousin's son, and Noelle, my granddaughter.

Quilt happy,


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It is hard to believe that it was two years ago today that I made my first post here on Marilyn's Maze.  Khristina from Australia was visiting me and said I needed a blog.  So she helped me set it up big time; but, I didn't make a post for a long time after she went home.  It was on June 15, 2009 that I finally put my toe in the water. And, what a joy I discovered.  I have been having an enormous amount of fun getting to know so many new people from all over the world.  I treasure each of you.  My family is here visiting; but, I want to just take a bit of time out and offer these TWO (2) fat eight bundles. 
Each cute bundle has 10 fat eights.  I will be picking TWO (2) followers on the 22nd (because that is another 22).  Just leave me a comment about what YOU like best about blogs or blogging.  Good luck!

Quilt happy,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Once again, we had a great time at our Two Wacky Women retreat.  We only had about 18 at this retreat, which is small for us.  Our September and October Retreats are sold our with waiting lists.  Here are a few pictures:

This is Judi's Lattice Patch before the borders are attached.
And here is Jolene with her newly-made Easy Peasy Bag.  How cute is that?

I hope you can join us sometime.  Our 2012 retreat schedule is posted at

Quilt happy,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


And I'm ready.  Two Grands in the guest room.

And two grands in the quilt room. 
My daughter will be bunking in with me.  Can you tell I'm excited?
Gee, that dog gets everywhere.
Quilt happy,


So it is now on to the UFOs due for August.  Here is Cindy's:

It is exactly how I pulled it out of storage.  This can't be too hard right?  All there is left to do is quilting, binding and the label.  

Here is mine:
There is a little more to do with this one.   still have a few blocks left to make. However,  it is well on its way.  But, August will be here before you know it.

Quilt happy,

Monday, June 6, 2011


It's finished, completed and in time for the June deadline.  I'm so glad I joined in our guild's challenge to complete some UFOs.  Done is good.  Someone said it reminded them of chopsticks and sushi.
I guess it does.  So, it is now known as Chopsticks. 
My cheater label.  It's a label.  Good as it's getting at this time.  I have a busy, busy month.  Thanks for stopping by.

Quilt happy,

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Check out these cute shopping bags I sewed today.  Not the little purple bag.  But, the cute striped one and the one with the giant crab.  That cute fabric came from Ikea.  I know.  They have some pretty cute fabric there and for good prices too.  And it is perfect for Robin's Shopping Bag pattern.  And they will be going to a couple of good homes.

The little purple bag is also from one of Robin's pattern, the Click-It Bag.  I made this from the practice quilting on my last quilt.  I just hate to throw out those little practice pieces, that is, if they come out somewhat decent.  OK, back to pulling those threads to the back and binding.  I'm getting pretty bored with that by now.

Quilt happy,