Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I’m still fishing.  But, I have been taking pictures.  This is one of “Where I’m Standing”.

 My 5-year old granddaughter, Noelle is pretty in “Pink”. 
 “Technology” can mean a lot of charging these days.
 My 9-year old grandson gave me “Something New”.

 We went to a volleyball tournament in Flora-Bama (border of Florida and Alabama).  This lounge was “Something Unusual” to me.  A close look and you will probably see why.
 Beach volleyball at “12:00 o’clock” in Florida; and, it was hot!
“Something Sweet” just has to be my Noelle. 

Quilt happy,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012


My BFF, Robin Gallagher, just got back from Market . . . .  and brought presents!  Thank you Robin.

I’m so thrilled.  We met for lunch today and I’m sure the people around us must have wondered why I reacted so to this.  But, you get it don’t you? 

The mystery tomato growing by the garbage can is producing yellow cherry tomatoes.  That surprised me as I was looking for red produce.  These are the first two ripe ones and I’m going to have them for dinner tonight.

I’m leaving on a jet plane. . . .

Isn’t that suitcase just too cute?  What, too loud you say?  Nahhhhh….

Quilt happy,


Sunday, May 20, 2012


The word given was “Grass”. Oops, there she is again.

This fabric just shouts “Love”.  And, I love it.  I made a cute quilt for my granddaughter, Noelle, out of it.  I think she loves it too.

“What I’m Reading” is the morning paper. A penguin exhibit opened at our aquarium this week.

Do you have a Trader Joe’s close by?  Have you discovered Cookie Butter?  Sadly, it makes a darn good “Snack”.  Oh, and those Cinnamon Grahams are also pretty good.
And, together. . . .

Originally, I thought about dragging out some quilts for “Something I made”.  Before my quilting days, I took watercolor.  This hangs in my quilt room.  So, it all works.

My quilt room is “A Favorite Place” of mine.  Unfortunately, nothing is getting done lately. 

“Something I don’t want to do without”   ‘nough said.

Quilt happy,


Thursday, May 17, 2012


My quilt guild, Quilters by the Sea, had a fund raiser at last week’s meeting.  It was a ginormous raffle.  Yes, ginormous.  We were asked to do a bit of spring cleaning in our quilt rooms and donate items for a raffle.    Then we bought raffle tickets (3 for $1) and deposited them in corresponding bags next to the items.  I won this great recycled basket.  I love it.

Remember that tomato and parsley I mentioned a while back?  The produce the birds planted? Next to the garbage can?   It keeps growing and growing and growing.  I just throw a bucket of water on it each day.

See this naughty dog?

Now look at that naughty squirrel.  That squirrel just sits on that line and torments Trudy.  

The scene reminds me of the movie UP.  Wishing you a fun weekend.

Quilt happy,


Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Going to my quilt guild is “Something That Inspires Me”

The first brewed cup of coffee in the morning is “A Smell I Adore”

“Something I Do Every Day”, and twice a day, is give my senior dog, Gracie, her pills

“A Favorite Word” of mine is

My “Kitchen”

“Something that Makes Me Happy” is being with my family

My “Mom” is 92.  I love you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

Quilt happy,


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Here is a completed quilt top using those HSTs.  The required size is 36” x 60” and it is for the wounded soldiers.  The next HST quilt will be quite a bit larger.

Now to get it quilted and bound.  It’s not looking like it will get done this week after all.  There is just too much going on around here right now.  

Quilt happy,


Sunday, May 6, 2012


Visiting the animal shelter is “Something That Makes Me Sad”.  I should probably stay away; but, I think instead I may volunteer in some way.  Maybe just holding and loving on those still looking for their permanent home.

 Look at this cheerful “Peace” fabric I found at Joann’s.
This denim shirt jacket is “Something I Wore Today”.  I picked it up at the Road to California quilt show this year.  Love that show.

 Sewing is always “Fun” for me.

I always called this “Bird” a sparrow; my husband always called it a chickadee.  I really don’t know its name. 

 Here is his mate.

The word was “Me”.  Here me am.

Quilt happy,


Friday, May 4, 2012


Today while I am working some more on this: 

I will be chuckling while watching this, because this was on the list of 100 funiest movies ever made:

Quilt happy,