Thursday, December 31, 2015


Just a little reminiscing over the past year. It's been a good year for the most part.  Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Fav 1 (from my Sunday Snaps)

Mon Day 9 - "ENERGY" or should I say the lack thereof...

Tues Day 10 - "INSPIRES ME"  oh how I love you Pinterest!

Wed Day 11 - "ON THE WALL"  design wall that is.

Thurs Day 12 - "POINTY"  how many of you have many different scissors, and in every room?

Fri Day 13 - "TEMPTATION"  There's this one little shelf in the fridge....

Sat Day 14 - "LOVE"  this old girl.  My husband would have said she has a face that "only a mother would love".  I love her face even when she is in need of a good grooming.

Sun Day 15 - "SPOTS"  My collection of spots and strips and sometimes I'm lucky enough to find both at the same time.

Fav 2

Have you ever lost something (like an UFO) and swore that someone, some thief, some no-good scoundrel must have come into your quilt room and stole your UFO.  Only the one you are looking for. All the others are still there. That happened to me this week. So, on Friday I cleaned out one closet. I even refolded fabric and re-stacked the shelves. Nada.

On Saturday, I got out my step stool and checked every container on my shelving unit above where I sew.  Nada.

On Sunday, I was forced to go sort the scary closet.  You got it.  On the last shelf I sorted (which was probably a good thing), I saw that the no-good scoundrel(s) had returned the UFO.  Thank goodness I wasn't forced to call in the big guns, my peeps, to help.

So here it is on the design wall, and I realize I need more blocks to make it even. 

It is from an on-line swap. But, for now, I have put it away until another time. However, I'm pretty certain I will be able to locate it when I want it next time. And, my quilt room is organized, for now.

Fav 3

I've been on a road trip with a friend visiting from New Zealand.

 We left Long Beach on Sunday, 10/27, 

and drove up the California Coast. Our first stop was Solvang, a cute small Scandinavian town. 

We spent two nights in San Luis Obispo visiting:
Moro Bay (I always like looking out at Moro Rock)

and Hearst's Castle.

Then we drove up scenic Highway 1 through Big Sur and took in 17 mile drive.  I don't know why neither of us took pictures.  Highway 1 is a very winding road and besides that there was a bicycle race on the road.  Made me a little nervous to say the least.

We stopped in Castroville, where they grow a LOT of artichokes. 

And even found an Artichoke food truck.  Yum!

Our next stop was a couple of nights in Los Gatos where I was able to meet up with two friends, one I have known since Elementary School and Brownies.  We hadn't seen each other for over 50 years.  The other friend has been a friend since we were kindergarten room mothers.  I really enjoyed visiting with both friends. Again, no pictures.

We also took in the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  Very nice!

Then it was off to Napa Valley and a stop at Sterling Winery.  It has a wonderful view.

We made our way over to Lincoln, California (next to Sacramento) and stayed at a friend's house for 4 nights (thank you Sue). Here we took in some sewing. 

We drove home on Highway 99 and stopped in Visalia and visited Thimble Town.  Loved it!

And, now it's home again where things are getting back to normal as you can see here.

Thanks Randy for being Mom to Trudy and Gracie.

Here's to 2015.  I'm ready for you 2016, bring it!

Quilt happy,


Monday, December 28, 2015


Wow, can you believe that Christmas has come and gone and 2016 is right around the corner?  And, I'm sewing again after a couple of weeks with no time to sew.  But, here are some quilts that made it in time to be Christmas presents. 

My grandchildren in Florida's quilts.  Top left is Lauren's "Bento Box",  Top right is Madeline's "Zen is In"; bottom left is Kalani's "Churn Dash", and bottom right is Noelle's  quilt that I named "It's A Hoot" (because it has owls).
Today I'm going to bind a quilt that is a late Christmas gift.  I hope to deliver it today or tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,


Monday, December 14, 2015


They keep telling us we are in an El Nino year.  So far, here in Southern  California, we haven't noticed much difference.  But, I was a Girl Scout and still remember our motto to be prepared.  I had a new roof put on where needed and added new gutters.   This week I got the trees trimmed big time.  What a mess.

What a difference it makes with the light.

I did get some sewing in.  I'm making some car trash bags.  Honestly, it takes longer to decide on the fabric than to make them.

 I used iron-on vinyl so they can be easily wiped clean.

I also made cloth gift bags and got the gifts in the mail by Friday.

I hear Monday will be a nightmare at the post office.

Hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,


Monday, December 7, 2015


December is the month for parties and gatherings. Last Friday I went to a very fun Gift Exchange that is relatively complicated to explain. But, I will do a quick rundown. 

It started with a few appetizers and visiting. Then we had lunch. The hostess provided soup and salad greens.  Everyone else brought something to add to the salad. YUM!

Once we were fed, the exchange began. We are a baker's dozen and we each brought five homemade gifts. There is a system in how they are passed out, and I won't go into that. But, just look at what I received. 

Marie made this darling wall hanging.

Justine made this adorable Rabbit.

Mary this great Patriotic banner.
Bonnie made a darling ironing pad.
Pat embroidered these adorable tea towels.
As she handed them out she told us "The Rooster Crows, but, it's the Hen that delivers".

Here was my contribution, a tool caddy (pattern by Terri Adkinson can be found here).  Not one, but two zippers. 

Of course there was dessert and coffee after.  We know how to do it up right!

What a great time with a group of lovely and talented ladies.  Thank you each and every one of you! 

Hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,