Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My granddaughter Noelle, age 5, has designed another quilt for me to make.  While I was in Florida, she sat down with her Leapster and designed her “summer” quilt.  She has her winter quilt that she designed last year.  She is quite specific about it: pink background, blue Xs and Os, with white sashing. 

That makes three grandchildren requests for this year.  Annette wants an updated one for her dorm this year.  Zach wants a Gees Bend style quilt that will fit his 6'2" frame.  And, Noelle's summer quilt.  I had best get started on these.
Remember that tomato that the birds planted?  This was yesterday’s harvest. 

Quilt happy,


Sunday, June 24, 2012


“Something You Don’t Know about Me” is that I had pink hair when I was twenty.

I love Trader Joe’s produce.  As “Imperfect” as much of it is, I know these two tomatoes are fresh and locally grown. 

The “Favorite Photo I’ve EverTaken” is almost impossible to select.  In fact, it is impossible.  I probably don’t even still have my favorite.  But, I really like this one of Trudy.

This is “Where I Slept”.

Here is my Gracie “From a High Angle”.  She’s such a sweetie.

My ceiling fan in “Movement” is my friend -- a good friend these days.

 “On My Mind” today is getting this done!

Quilt happy,


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last Saturday my granddaughter, Madeline (AKA Maddie) Yen and her friend, Ashley Aut, took a quilt workshop with me at Quilters by the Sea.  My friend, Carol Logue, a certified Quilt in a Day instructor, was teaching “Silent Star”, an Eleanor Burns pattern.   I decided to only make three of the stars and the ribbon border and turn it into a nice table runner.  It is about all I can manage at this time.  I completed two stars and a bit of the ribbon.

Since this was the girls first quilt class,  earlier in the week I had them work on a jelly roll quilt top to learn to sew a straight line and the basics of working a sewing machine.  Carol had them doing a Tossed Nine Patch, Eleanor Burns version of a Disappearing Nine Patch.  Maddie made 10 blocks and Ashley made 8 blocks.  Pretty darn good.  More than any of us got done.

But, look what they made using those blocks. 

Bags, bags, and more bags.  I’m so proud of them.  They are bringing home some pretty cool gifts.

Well done girls!

Quilt happy,


Sunday, June 17, 2012


Still playing tourist this week with my granddaughter and her BFF.  But, I have been keeping up with my words in a picture each day.
This is my back “Door”.  I know it is old fashioned and screams 50s.  But, I still love it and the kids always called it the Rainbow Door.

My backyard Chinese Elm tree “From a Low Angle”.

We had lunch at Claire’s, a cafĂ© at our local “Art” museum.

A trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific and the “Time” of a show.

I found this bouquet of “Yellow” at Trader Joe’s.

Of course we were “Out and About” plenty; but oh my the shopping mall with two teenage girls.

While the girls had plenty in their bags,  this is all that was “In My Bag” .

Quilt happy,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Most of my friends visit me via my back door.  When I knew my granddaughter and her BFF would be visiting, I thought it would be a great opportunity to update the tired, and now worn “rug” I had painted twelve years ago.  It became quite a process.  An original design was scrapped for a more tropical theme.

The Artists

 Covering the old paint
Setting the back drop (a little scary)

Getting to the fun stuff

 Trudy peeking from behind a tree

Gracie looking happy

Thank you Maddie and Ashley.  It puts a smile on my face every time I
walk up to the back door.

Quilt happy,


Sunday, June 10, 2012



My granddaughter and her BFF are visiting me for a couple of weeks.  As you can imagine, I am having a great time.  While Ashley has lived all over (her father is a retired Army officer) this is her first visit to California.  The girls met when they were both living in Hawaii.  Now Ashley lives in Georgia and Maddie lives in Florida.  It’s nice that they can still get together.
We went out for Thai food one night.  The picture is something “On My Plate” technically a bowl.  Yes, it was yummy all right.

 We also went to my favorite little theatre and here is its “Sign”.

Another outing to Medieval Times and the girls wore these “Hats”.  Oh, are they crowns?  Close enough.

 The word is “Drink”. 

“My View Today”   More about this next week.

And lastly, “The Best Bit of the Weekend”.  What more is there to say?

Quilt happy,


Friday, June 8, 2012


I am still not back to normal. No quilting going on around here. I have my granddaughter and her friend visiting.  While trying to teach them to sew an accurate 1/4 seam, I ran across this and thought about all my effort.

Quilt Happy,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was in Florida last week, having a fabulous time with my daughter and four of the grands.  My son-in-law is overseas. We had mostly hot, sunny days.  However, here is a picture of “weather” that is always welcome.

The word was “My Personality”.  I thought about it for some time until the obvious occurred to me. 

  Here is "Something Beautiful".
“Morning” looks much the same for me here, there, everywhere.

And then “Empty”. . . . 

A “Close-Up” of eating some yummy hot wings.

We spent Sunday first in Seaside with three of the Grands.

Lauren couldn’t make it.  L

And Sunday dinner on the Bayou in Niceville.  Isn’t is gorgeous?

Quilt happy,

Monday, June 4, 2012