Monday, December 31, 2012


2013 starts tomorrow for most of us.  But, for some of you, it is here already.  Happy New Year!!  And, to everyone else, I hope you enjoy celebrating tonight in whatever way that may be.

My 2013 challenge is “Make-it-Monday”.  Each Monday I plan to show you some supplies, most likely fabric related, that I will be working on during the week.  These will be small projects:  doable during the week.  Then on Friday, I will post a “Finished-on-Friday” post.  And, most important, my goal is to do this entirely from my stash.  I promise to be honest with you if I cave.   OK, for week one it is using scraps.  Little ol’ pieces of scraps.   

On Friday I’ll post the finish.

Quilt happy,



This is my last Photo-A-Day.  And, the prompt is "Self Portrait".  I even put my make up on for you. 

Ugh, these have been the hardest ones to do.

I will be posting this afternoon about my blog plans for 2013.

Quilt happy,

Sunday, December 30, 2012


When faced with this as a prompt, how do you pick?  There are so many possibilities.  My trip to Australia with my daughter and meeting, for the first time, many of my on-line Aussie friends.  My many visits , my farewell Two Wacky Women retreats (knowing how many friends we made over the years).  But, something did jump out.  Something that made me smile and cry all at once.  Sitting out by the Long Beach Harbor and watching the space shuttle pass overhead.

Tomorrow will be my last photo a day.  It has been a great exercise; but, I'm ready for a new challenge. 
Quilt happy,

Saturday, December 29, 2012


For Christmas I received a frother.  I love my morning "Hot" coffee, complete with a nice froth and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Now off to quilt on a rainy day.

Quilt happy,

Friday, December 28, 2012


Today's prompt is cold.  I love this Two Wacky Women water bottle.  Perfect for that tall drink of "Cold" water.

Quilt happy,

Thursday, December 27, 2012


When my mom was living with me, and I would sew for what must have seemed like a long time to her, she would often say "Can't you relax?"  But this is "How I Relax".

Ruby and I are getting to know one another.

Quilt happy,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


As I went in to sew for a while with Ruby, this is what I saw.

                        A great big "Mess".

Only took a few minutes to straighten up a bit. 

                    Ahhhhhh, much better

Quilt happy,


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Today's prompt is "Lunchtime". 

Today is also Christmas.  Hope all of you had a great day celebrating with your loved ones.

Quilt happy,


Monday, December 24, 2012


These are the last few days for my photo prompts.  It runs through the end of the year.  So, I thought I would just post them daily through the 31st.

When my husband was alive he would bring home almost daily for about 10 days before Christmas a poinsettia.  We would line the front porch with them.  I loved each and every one he would bring home.  When he passed, that first Christmas was very hard for us.  My daughter went to a party where they passed around gifts until you won one; and, she came home with a poinsettia and placed it on the front porch.  It was very special.  I still make sure to have some poinsettias on the front porch.  It's "Tradition".

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
Quilt happy,


Introducing Ruby.
Looking forward to a long friendship.
Quilt happy,

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Have you been as busy as me this past week?  I’m pretty sure we have all been busy.  I do hope you were able to add some fun to your busy schedule.  It’s important to get a bit of balance in, especially at this time of year.

My first prompt this week is “On the Floor”.  I know you’ve seen this quilt; but Gracie just loves to sit on quilts. 

 This little flower arrangement on my table “Makes Me Feel Merry”.

“Something beginning with S” is this snowman quilt.  It was from a block exchange within my friendship group.  I can’t remember when we exchanged the blocks, at least eight years ago.  There were no rules; just to do any snowman block, in any style, and any size you wanted.  It was up to us to pull the blocks together for a quilt. 

We have been having some cold “Weather”.  At least it is cold for us. After all this is California, Southern California at that.  Our houses just are not built for the cold.  Even my dogs don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

I found these cute little “Trees” in my local quilt store.  Just look at that cute Lil' Twister pillow.

There are “Decorations” everywhere right now.  I love spending time driving around and looking at them in the daytime and again at night when they are all ablaze in lights.  I especially liked these snowmen peeping through the sunlight with the palm trees in the background.

One of the best things about this season is spending time with one another.  And the last prompt of the week is:  “Joy is Spending Time with Friends”.

 Quilt happy,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I’m late with my Sunday Snaps.  I had my step daughter here from Idaho and we spent time playing by going to the movies and out to eat and a little shopping.  We did make it to our favorite place to get it all, well almost:  Cost Plus, World Market.  And, we found something “Sweet” .  Yum!  OK, so it wasn't a gift.

That’s Trudy “Under”  the hat there.

Speaking of hats, my friend Susan dons a very cute Santa “Hat” at our friendship group’s party.

Don’t you just love all the “Lights” this time of year?

Janet helped me put up my little “Green” Christmas tree. I almost passed this year; but, I am enjoying it.

It was an on again off again kind of week.  One day rain, one day sunshine.  This day it was gorgeous “Outdoors”.  Nice way to enjoy a window table at lunch.

And for “Something I Made”, here is a little mystery quilt I made years ago with my friendship group.  I bring out this little Christmas quilt each year.

Quilt happy,


Sunday, December 9, 2012


I’m “Out and About” again this week. This is the drive up Highway 1 along the California Central Coast.  Every year around this time, I meet a girlfriend, from Northern California, in San Luis Obispo.  We have been friends since our children were in kindergarten together and we found ourselves sharing the job of room mothers.

 We love this restaurant in Moro Bay:  Dorn's.  The menu is “Something I Held”. 

Just look at that view out of Dorn’s window.  That’s Moro Rock with a bit of fog.  I like the picture in “Black and White”.

We had a bit of rain and a lot of fog.  But “Looking Up”  at the sky on the day I left,  it was pretty clear and very beautiful.

I am back at home now and here is a snap of “Where I Live”.  While I love getting out and about and seeing places, I still love it here.

Now it’s time to get back in the groove, get those holiday decorations out, get to shopping, and create more quilts.  Here is part of my Christmas banner on my front porch.  I didn’t realize how many “Stars” I had added to it.  I’ve been putting this up on the front porch now for about 10 years. 


Quilt happy,


Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm back in Long Beach this week, and would like to share a bit of it with you.

We used to have a wonderful department store in Long Beach, called Buffum’s.  It fell victim to the times in 1990 and closed its doors after 87 years of serving Long Beach.  But before it closed I went there specifically to purchases something so I would always remember this store I so loved.  “In the Cupboard” is this little vase with a cat among the flowers; and, every time I look at it, I think of Buffum’s.

My favorite grocery store’s parking lot is full of these “Trees”.  I have enjoyed them since they were first planted when the center was built.

Same parking lot with the “Vehicles”.

McDonnell Douglas is still a “Big” deal in Long Beach, even though it merged with Boeing in 1997.  And actually, McDonnell merged with Douglas in 1967.  This is the site that Douglas built its Long Beach plant in 1941.  My father worked there before joining World War II.

 Every year the city sends out a Long Beach Calendar.  2013 is “On the Wall”  in my quilt room ready to go.

This is a snap of“8 O’clock” in the morning in my back yard.  It was a bit foggy, a bit wet, a bit cold, and a lot peaceful.


Quilt happy,