Monday, May 30, 2011


I have finished the quilting on the June UFO.  Yay!!!  But, I have a million threads to pull to the back.  Well, I have a lot anyway.  And, I still have to sew the binding down.  I cheated on the label.  I used one I had printed with my name a while ago.  So shoot me.  Honestly.  It's a label.  I'll show you when it's all done.  Here is a peek.  Thank you Frances for your advise on quilting the monster.

Quilt happy,

Saturday, May 28, 2011


These are the five (5) UFOs that were committed on Cindy's behalf.  You can read about the challenge here.  Two have been completed.  This one here was turned in at our April Quilters by the Sea guild meeting. And the second one will be turned in at our June QBS meeting. 

Looks even better with a little centerpiece.

I think this will be going to the guild to use at this year's quilt show raffle in October.  Someone may be happy to bid on one of Cindy's UFOs.  I know I would.  Oh gosh, I can see me now, bidding on this little quilt.  It looks good on that table. 

Quilt happy,

Friday, May 27, 2011


CREATIVE DAWN.  Congratulations! 

The number generator I used selected  number 3.


Random numbers generated May 27 2011 at 12:9:38 by

I enjoyed reading all of your comments and hope to see you around from time to time. A huge thank you to Sew Mama Sew for organizing this Giveaway. Now, because there really needs to be a picture with a post, this is one of my new favorite Internet photos:

Talk about getting up on the wrong side of the bed... how about the wrong bed?

Quilt happy,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I know most of you are aware that there has been a lot of posting problems with BLOGGER lately.  Either you find yourself in a continuous loop when you try to leave a comment or it will post you as Anonymous and no-reply.  I know they are currently working on this problem and we can only hope it will get fixed soon.  With this in mind, I am going to leave this giveaway up until Friday, May 27  at Noon.  That will give me time to still get the giveaway in the mail timely.  Feel free to leave another post letting me know it is a duplicate with your email or blog address.
Wahoo! It is Giveaway Day, May 23, 2011. Here is what you can win:

Eight (8) fat quarters of Carmen by Anna Griffin. All you need to do to win it is to leave a comment and be a verified follower. I also need to be able to contact you. So, please check your settings to see if I can reply to your comment. Mr. Random Number Generator will decide the winner on May 25th and I will ship the fat quarters either domestic or international by May 30, 2011.
A big thank you to Sew Mama Sew for organizing "Giveaway Day".

Good luck; I hope you win.

Quilt happy,

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wahoo!  It is Giveaway Day, May 23, 2011.  Here is what you can win:

Eight (8) fat quarters of Carmen by Anna Griffin.  All you need to do to win it is to leave a comment and be a verified follower.  I also need to be able to contact you.  So, please check your settings to see if I can reply to your comment.  Mr. Random Number Generator will decide the winner on May 25th and  I will ship the fat quarters either domestic or international by May 30, 2011.

A big thank you to Sew Mama Sew for organizing "Giveaway Day".

Good luck; I hope you win.

Quilt happy,

Saturday, May 21, 2011


These two quilts need to be finished before June 8th.  That's when my family from Florida will be visiting for 3 whole weeks.  Wahoo!  I can't wait.  But, these quilts are due to my guild (I committed both of them) for the June meeting. 

Now that they are layered and pinned . . . . ???

Quilt happy,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I will be participating in Giveaway Day, May 23, 2011.  It has become a tradition with Sew Mamma Sew.  You may want to check out the details at: 

Quilt happy,

Monday, May 16, 2011


My next UFO is due to my guild, Quilters by the Sea, on June 9, 2011.  So, I pushed the last couple of days to finish piecing the top.   
It is inspired from "Thinking Outside the Box" by Sandi Cummings & Karen Flamme.   I actually got the square in square blocks at a guild raffle about 7 years ago.  I added the yellow squares and put the stripes on them.  All I have to do now, is get it layered, quilted, bound, and a label put on it.  But, I think my chances are looking good at this point.  Now, how to quilt it?  Any ideas?  Frances?

Quilt happy,

Friday, May 13, 2011


Quilters by the Sea celebrated its 17th birthday last night.  We had cake and played Quilto.  For those who might wonder, that is Bingo for Quilters.  In preparation of it, I pressed 200 fat quarters into submission.  These were given out as members arrived.

These were for sale for those who may need another one.

Obviously, quilters play for fat quarters not money.  And, you know how in need we are of more fabric. 

Pat Blank, one of our Charter members, brought the first quilt the guild made to commemorate its founding. 

The picture is a bit blurry; but, I still wanted to add it because we ALL love Pat and she should just be here.  We had a great time eating cake and playing Quilto.

Quilt happy,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This was my incoming mail.

Harry & David's Chocolate.  My friend Khristina, from Australia, sent it to me.  And, for no good reason either.  We really like Khristina don't we. 

OK, so I've had two pieces already.  But, I've had it for a few days, and it is really delicious.  Thank you Khristina, for you generosity and kindness.

This is my outgoing mail.

This is going to Australia; but, I can't tell you about it yet.  Now to sew down those buttons and pop in the mail.

Quilt happy,

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I found this on Yahoo and I know all of us, Moms or not, can relate.
No jumping on the couch!
Don't sit so close to the TV.
Who drew on the wall?
Well you're the only one who could have done it...
I have eyeballs in the back of my head.

Don't make me turn this car around...
No, you can't blow bubbles in the house.
You have until the count of three.
I am not buying you a puppy.
Or a pony.

Go ask your father.
Beds are not for jumping on!
Sit down and eat your dinner.
When you're a mom, you can do the grocery shopping.
What did you do at school today?
I don't believe you did nothing all day.
Your teachers let you do nothing?
Go wash your hands.
You can start cleaning anytime if you're bored
This room is a pig sty!
Why can't you put your clothes in the hamper?
Are your legs broken?
I am not the maid! This maid quits!
Close the door! You weren't born in a barn. I was there.
Where's your coat?
You can't go out there without a hat!
You are not wearing that out of the house.
You're going to step on a bee if you don't put on some shoes.
Come here, you have something on your face.
You'll poke your eye out.
What do you mean you don't know where it is?
You wouldn't see it if it jumped out and bit you!
If you put things where they belonged, you would know where they are.
Well, that's not what we do in our house
I don't care what your friends think.
I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it.
Where did you hear that word?
I don't care who started it...
You should know better
I'll wash your mouth out with soap.
I don't care if your Dad does say it. He's a grown-up.
You've got carrots growing in your ears.
Hurry up.
Christmas is coming.
You're slower than Molasses in January.
I'm leaving without you.
You kids grow up so fast.
You'll understand when you're older
It's my job to worry about you
Because I said so
I'll talk to you later
Be good.
I love you.

Quilt happy,

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am back from a visit with my family in Florida.  I also brought back a nasty cold.  I think I am prone to airplane sickness.  But, I had a WONDERFUL visit.  Here are some of the memories of the grands I snagged while gone. 

My grandson, Kalani, had his "Evening of the Arts" night and it was a huge success.  My daughter, son-in-law, and I all transformed his classroom into an art gallery.  From this:

to this:

My granddaughter, Lauren, was in a play: "The Murderous Mansion of Mr. Uno"

Lauren is the one holding the envelope. I think she may have a future in acting.

My granddaughter, Maddie, won 2nd place for this art work:
I think she has a future in art.

I also went to Kalani's baseball game:
He could grow up to be a baseball star; but, he already wants to be an inventor and make things to help people.

My granddaughter, Noelle, is taking gymnastics and climbs on everything:

She is such the charmer; and, she also paints.

And last, the grand furbaby, Molly.  Molly is Trudy's sister.

The lucky sister.  She gets to live with a family of four active children. 

Now, I'm off to nurse this cold with homemade chicken soup.

Quilt happy,