Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Norah McMeeking at Quilters by the Sea

Last Thursday, April 8, Norah McMeeking was the guest speaker at my local quilt guild, Quilters by the Sea. She wrote the quilt book Bella Bella Quilts

Norah's first life was as a graphic artist who worked on book jackets, and magazine ads. Then she went to Italy and discovered the gorgeous church floor tiles.

And the rest is history. Aren't they fabulous and inspiring? Norah is a gem among quilters and while I couldn't attend the workshop, I hear it was great! Thank you Norah for enriching our lives.


Karen Mallory said...

Wonderful quilts Marilyn! It always amazes me how much better the quilts from books look in person!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

Terrific quilts there Marilyn...hugs

creativedawn said...

Hi Marilyn
Nora McMeeking is a very lovely person! I took her class about 3 years ago and boy she is a riot; of course she is a wonderful teacher. One day I am going to finish that quilt. I love her quilts...just awesome!

Melinda said...

She was here a year or two ago and we all really enjoyed her work. Glad you had the opportunity to see her.

Melissa said...

Very pretty. Bet they were even better in person!

frantastic said...

Wasn't it fabulous? The book doesnot do them justice.