Friday, January 14, 2011


Quilters by the Sea Quilt Guild has fairly large storage unit where we keep historical information along with many facility items necessary to have quilt shows and other events.  But, a large (very large) portion of it houses fabric for our Community Relations department.  Community Relations receives fabric from many sources:  our generous members, former quilters wanting to rid themselves of stash (yes it happens), and sadly from family members of deceased quilters.  This week I went to storage with someone from Community Relations and we did a bit of organizing.  We recently received a very large stash from a deceased quilter.  Cindy was an avid quilter and had a very large stash and many UFOs.  Sound familiar?  So, we are going through her stash in many ways.  Community Relations has already sorted at least once and has been putting together kits.  When I was at storage, I couldn't help but focus on her UFOs.  I didn't know Cindy; but, I could certainly relate to the joy she probably felt as she started each project.  Here are a few UFOs I pulled so far. 

 I think there may be three quilts with these blocks alone.
The folded fabric must have been intended for a backing.  That's what I'm going to go with anyway.

This simple square block quilt is layered and just needs to be pinned and quilted. Love the backing she chose.
So just how cute are these pandas? 

even found her plan for them.

Then there are these cute little blocks. Hmmm. Maybe a table runner? Any suggestions? Could be sold at our quilt show or become a raffle item.

I plan on putting each of these to good use.  They may not be exactly what Cindy had in mind.  But, I bet she will be happy to know that someone will love using them.  Cindy I hope you know we are thinking about you at Quilters by the Sea.

Quilt happy,


Melissa said...

It gives me a warm fuzzy to know that you are going to give those UFOs the love and respect they deserve!

Barb said...

What an amazing find and so wonderful that you are taking one someone elses UFO's....

beth said...

your blog has a great new look and I love seeing all those ufo's getting ready to be quilts! Cindy would be so happy!

creativedawn said...

What a tribute to Cindy's art...looking forward to seeing that panda quilt finished....all of those blocks will make wonderful quilts!


hetty said...

What started out as a sad post turned into a wonderful tribute to a quilter's art! You are doing a wonderful thing by finishing these UFOs. Your post has given me goosebumps!

Micki said...

So great that you are doing that, and I know your friend would have wanted you to complete her UFOS.

Diana said...

oh how wonderful that Cindy's treasures will be put to good use, such a great story Marilyn, got me thinking about my stash and UFO's...must make sure that DD n DIl know to give what they don't want of mine to local Quilt Club.

N said...

It is so nice that you are finishing her UFO's...we all hope that there will be someone like you, that will do the same for us. Lots of quilting hugs, Nancy