Monday, October 24, 2011


This past weekend we had a great quilt show with beautiful quilts, wonderful vendors, along with a great boutique and raffles galore.  We even had a live and a silent auction.  I managed to spread my money around the various vendors and have a great time at the auctions.  Well, somebody has to help with the economy.  I'm doing my part.

I won this gorgeous quilt at the live auction.  I had been eyeing it on the wall.  I could not get very close to it; but, I loved it right from the beginning.  So, I decided that was going to be the one I would bid on and even put a dollar limit for it in my mind.  When it finally came up to bid, what a surprise to hear that it was made by a member of my friendship group, Pat.  This just made it all the better.  Please visit her blog and see her amazing work.  But, wait.... it is a two for one.  This is the other side of the quilt.

I know.  How cool is that?  Thank you my friend.  You did a fabulous job.

I also bought this table runner because it looks perfect in my house.  I don't know if anyone took credit for this one.  No label on the back.  Come on quilters... you need to label your work.  

And that adorable Santa was made by Karen, and I managed to place the last bid in time to win it at the silent auction.  Isn't he adorable?

And, of course like most guilds, we had Opportunity Baskets for raffle.  I'm fairly lucky with raffles.  And, I won the one I wanted.  If you know me, you understand why it is so perfect.
It is a coffee basket.  Oh yes.

Just look at the loot, not to mention the four homemade placemats with coffee fabric. 

Thank you to the wonderful Quilt Show Chairs and their committee along with the many volunteers.  Without you we never would have had such a wonderful event.

I'm still working on getting you some pictures of some of the great quilts.  Stay tuned and

Quilt happy,


Melinda said...

Looks like you got some good loot! Glad your quilt show was successful. Hope you make a lot of money!

creativedawn said...


The quilt is gorgeous... the table runners are quite lovely and that basket is to die for...gonna have to make an effort to get out to your place for some coffee and scones...I'll bring the scones/ Really great at winning raffles, eh. I need you to go along with me at quilt shows...lucky you!

.:♥ Bev ♥:. said...

What a beautiful quilt! Pat did a great job!!!! And that basket... wowsers! Love it!

Such a wonderful show. Was great to finally meet you. ♥

Barb said...

That quilt is fabulous...did you have enough room to take home your haul???

hetty said...

That's a wonderful quilt. I love both sides! You're good at winning raffles, eh? It certainly seems that way. Lots of loot! Good for you. That basket is delightful. Love the placemats!

Theodora quilts said...

Lucky you ,I think you deserved to win after spending so much at the vendors some real cute stuff you won,enjoy them.theodora

Khris said...

WOW you are a lucky ducky.....awesome goodies there.
Hugs Khris