Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I am taking a hand quilting class with a friend.  Here is my project; and, I am still basting.

It’s a “cheater” panel.  But, I think it will be perfect as a practice piece.  Can’t you just see miles and miles of bling on this?  I sure can. 

Quilt happy,



creativedawn said...

Yes, it the best thing to do ... it has edges so you can practice stitching a pattern! Awesome...and you will enjoy it!


Robin Quilts, etc. said...

I think I have this panel, did we buy these while on the San Diego quilt run?

Susan said...

Oh it may be a cheater but it's so happy and festive! Just love it. No doubt you will do a great job - wonderful that you are taking a class.

hetty said...

I admire you for attempting to hand quilt. I still haven't mastered that technique. Your 'cheater' panel looks so festive. I am sure it will turn out beautifully.