Thursday, March 29, 2012


My granddaughter and her friend spent their spring break from college with me this week.  It is always fun to pick something new to do with company.   On Monday evening, we took in an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting in Pasadena.   Of course all of us forgot to pull out our cameras.  It was a great event and we left with some uncommon “California” gifts for them to take home.

They did the usual trips to the beach (even though it wasn’t all that warm) and shopping at the shore.  They even drove themselves into Hollywood to walk along the “Walk of Fame”.  Yesterday we spent time in Downtown Long Beach to see the Queen Mary and Shoreline Village.

Then on to my favorite haunt for dinner.

Isn’t it pretty with all the fairy lights?
This morning they took off early dark early because they have a long drive ahead of them.  I already miss them.  And since my therapy is quilting, today I am getting out that half-quilted quilt, and just maybe I’ll get it finished.

Quilt happy,



Karen Mallory said...

Nice visit! It is so great that your granddaughter wants to spend her spring break with her grandma! Hope I get so lucky! :-)
hugs Karen

hetty said...

How nice to have a granddaughter who comes to visit. Sounds like you did lots of fun things. Quilting is good therapy.

Karen said...

You are one brave woman to host two teenage girls on a spring break! Sounds like you had a wonderful time together.

Pat from Florida said...

The are so cute! How fun to have them. Kids that age always add so much energy to the day.