Friday, January 11, 2013


I am so, sew happy with this small project. 

 It’s a heating pad cover.

I used scraps for the wonky-ish front; and, for the back, one fat quarter from my stash. 
It is sandwiched with a cotton batting and muslin.  And, most important… it makes me smile.  I © it.  Now, the next time I need a heating pad, just pulling out this little jewel will make me feel better.  At least that’s the goal.  I hope you

Quilt happy,



Jacqueline said...

So cute.. what a great idea. I just might have to cover mine.

hetty said...

What a terrific idea! Love how that turned out.

creativedawn said...

Wow! I would never have guessed it! Lol, so it will be late night again...working on my "other " project ! No excuses, eh! Lol, wawa shall see! Love the cover.

beth said...

Love it!

Karen Mallory said...

Very Cute Marilyn! Did Khris make one too?
hugs Karen

Mimi said...

Thanks for such a great idea!!! I always thought that those heating pad covers were drab... I am going to spruce mine up!! Hope you don't mind that I pinned your idea!

Pat from Florida said...

Super idea, but hope you don't need to try it out soon.

Michele said...

Ooh, what a great idea! I've been annoyed all week that the cheap cover that came with my heating pad is just a tad skimpy.