Friday, July 5, 2013


I must say this was a fun project putting together these blocks.  I decided to make it about color really.  So, I grouped like colors together as best I could. 

I agonized over whether to make it a square quilt or use all the blocks to add a little more length. Then I agonized over whether to add or not add a border.  I looked around the internet and it seemed like there were very few vintage quilts that utilized borders.  So, I asked my friend, Susan over at The History Quilter, who echoed that rarely were borders utilized in this era vintage quilt, and if they were it would be a skinny border.  So, I have used a 2.5" border and will add a solid color binding. It now measures 76" x 81" and all but 2 blocks were used.

Lucky for me (and most quilters living in the area) that M & L and Jenny's is having their annual sale starting today.  Wahoo!!  Guess where I'm off to hunt for a special backing? 

Have a great weekend and

Quilt happy,



Pat from Florida said...

I LOVE it! Super.

creativedawn said...

What a fantastic display of your color! it's really lovely!


creativedawn said...

...went back for a really good second look! yep, looks like a wonderful rainbow! great blocks to work with!

hugz ... giggle...again!

Pat Barton said...

Fabulous use of those blocks. Great job!

hetty said...

Love what you did with those blocks! It's gorgeous! Great way to arrange the colours.

Khristina aka Khris said...

Well done...I like the way you put them together...hugs Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Turned out really great Marilyn! You do wonders with donated blocks and fabrics! :)
hugs Karen

Regina said...

Love this!!

Barb said...

Just wonderful!