Friday, September 20, 2013


What a busy week this has been.  I had to actually take things off my plate in order to make room.  And, sewing has suffered.  Although I had high hopes, I did not make one stitch toward my Riley Blake Retro Travel Bag.  I did however, work on my Big-Stitch Quilting in the evening and when I found some time during meetings.  So, I got all the stitching around the flowers and have started quilting lines using the dots as a guide.  Perfect fabric for a first-time project. 

I did fit in a few gifts I need.

A couple of pillow cases and some small boxes.   Maybe some chocolate will sneak into those boxes.

Have a great weekend and

Quilt happy,



beth said...

Love your little boxes. Chocolate WILL be a nice addition. ;)

hetty said...

Even on a busy week you get lots done. Great little boxes! I can already envision the chocolate inside.

Karen Mallory said...

Looks great Marilyn! Love those fabric boxes!
hugs Karen