Monday, August 1, 2016

ALL ABOUT THE QUILT SHOW (Well almost all)

You have all had to put up with my blather about the Garden Grove Quilters Guild quilt show that is now behind us. Oh my, what a job; but, what a fun couple of days.

It really does take a village to get ready for such an event. Here are a very few pictures to pay tribute to the show.

Here we are 

Hanging quilts

Opportunity Baskets (we had 11 magnificent baskets)

Our great boutique 


Memorial for one of our members who passed this year. We miss you Linda.

Quilters enjoying viewing the quilts

Robin Gallagher, our Featured Quilter

One of our favorite vendors, Shawn of Rusty Crow Quilt Shop

Carol, Robin and Marilyn (it's all about the friends)

A huge thank you to the entire village that made this happen!

Have a good week and

Quilt happy,



N said...

The pictures look great, Marilyn!

Karen Mallory said...

Looks like a great show!! It is sad that almost every year now we have a corner dedicated to a member who has passed.
hugs Karen

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was a huge success! I know how much work it is for all of you, but to see all of the happy people attending makes the load worth it.....right? Loved seeing your photos of it.


You said it all Marilyn I ditto everything .... great great show and it did take a village of faithful members to put the show on....

Marianne said...

Looks like a great show - you all must be very proud... and tired. Rest up now til the next time. Thanks for taking us along with you - I love seeing other people's shows!

Pamela Walker said...

Gosh! Robin's quilts are fabulous! You look gorgeous and very happy☺! Looks like you all had a great time! Hugzzzz😍

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, what fun!!

Karen said...

Oh my - that's a big quilt show!! Hope you had a great turnout. Love Robin's work. Thanks for giving us a peek into the show.