Monday, September 26, 2016


I was at a quilting retreat last week. And, you know what? I now have three more UFOs. Oh yes I do. 
This quilt needs 60 blocks. But, after a full day of making these blocks, I got a bit bored and took on my second project that was all cut and ready to go.

It requires a boat load of blocks and again, I was ready to move on after about ten hours of sewing the same block.

This is a quilt as you go project and it is probably a bit more fun watching it come together….and I like the colors a lot. So, I worked on this for two full days.

But, in the end, I came home with three new UFOs. (Unfinished Objects)

 At least I quilted and turned in a little baby quilt for our guild’s philanthropy. Another member had pieced it.

Hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,



Needled Mom said...

LOL!!!! That is what usually happens to me - boredom with blocks makes for too many UFOs.

I love the jar quilt.

Karen said...

That's a lot of hours of straight sewing; I ache just hearing it. Even though it may feel like 3 more UFO's, you really got a good start on all of them. You'll have them done in no time!

Marianne said...

Gosh! You ARE productive! Got so much done in so little time. Congratulations!