Monday, October 10, 2016


I went to the Mancuso Palm Springs Quilt Fest this week. I loved the quilts, especially all the fabulous modern quilts on display. However, I must have been mesmerized because, I got no pictures of them. This is the only one I took. Palm Springs, while a desert, has the most beautiful mountains.

A friend and I took a class from Joe Cunningham. If you are unfamiliar with Joe the Quilter, you can read more about him here.

I got most of him in the picture. I love this quilt he shared with us. What a great teacher. He taught “Rock the Block” and what fun. Everyone got pretty far with it and everyone loved working on it. Even my friend, who is a traditional quilter, had a lot of fun using his technique to create a modern look. Here is mine.

It is just good to get out of your box now and again. I know I have another UFO; but, I fully intend to work on this before it gets put to the back of the “need-to-work-on” pile.

After I got home I decided I needed to knock out a couple of quilts designated for my guild.

This one is a “cutter” quilt. Someone donated a bunch of “cutter” quilts to the guild and my first instinct was to somehow rescue them. OMG, it’s just too big a job. After I started working on this, I realized that I was not going to rescue all these quilts. To begin with, it’s even hard to work on fabrics that you never would have in your stash. So, the rest were sold at our quilt show in July. I had layered, and pinned it earlier in the year, and even had partially quilted it. So, it didn’t take too long to finish it.

Then I had a quilt top that only needed to be pinned and quilted.

 It’s just a tiny baby quilt, but so cheerful. And, it makes me smile.

Hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,



Needled Mom said...

I love the yellow/black/gray quilt. It looks like it would be fun too. I have a feeling that you will finish that one quickly.

Palm Springs is such a gorgeous place - especially in the winter.

beth s said...

I have a couple of charity quilts going to guild tomorrow too! It's fun to make CUTE baby and kid quilts! Glad you had a good time in Palm springs. Bet the weather was GREAT