Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today I have been working on the "Grandma Loves Noelle" quilt. While busily making decisions on sizes, and fabrics, and what not, my doorbell rang and there was Beth with a darling wrapped gift.

You see she had a blog give away for her 100th post. And I was the winner. It is this great handmade pincushion. Don't you think it is adorable? And, remember I recently found out that I collect pincushions. I have already put this on my shelf among the others. It looks so happy there. Go take a peak at Beth's blog. She is one busy lady. She manages to get an amazing amount of things done in a day.
Thank you Beth.


Sharon-NZ said...

woohooo what an awesome pincushions theres something about them LOL

Jan said...

Lucky you. It is a wonderful pincushion.

Karen Mallory said...

It is always fun to win something!! Good thing you found out you collect pincushions as now you have one to add to your collection! LOL
hugs Karen

Khris said...

Lucky you Marilyn...this collection is going to grow quickly..hugs Khris

Lois said...

You are a lucky duck Marilyn, how nice to add to your collection.