Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween is a big deal around here. My next door neighbors really do it up I tell you. Those life-sized ghouls are animated. And when the night comes on October 31, the black lights and dry ice come out and the little darlings run screaming half the time. It is hard to see, but the car (hearse) has a life-size skeleton as the driver. We get over 200 children each year on this block and it really is fun. I never seem to figure out the candy right. Last year I had too much, and this year not enough.

Here are my grandchildren in Florida in their Halloween costumes. So precious, don't you think?
On to November now.


Melissa said...

Your grandchildren are adorable!

Karen Mallory said...

Great pics Marilyn! That is how the lady across the street in my old neighborhood decorated. She even had a real coffin!
The grandkids always look great in their costumes!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

How cool is that....I needed those big life sized ghouls for the girls fun...hugs Khris

Lois said...

That looks so realistic and your grandchildren look delightful