Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In my last blog I mentioned that Robin and I were going to meet Sew-Cal Gal in San Diego on Monday for a day of sewing.  I don't know if you heard, but that day turned out to be the hottest day on record ever in Los Angeles, 113 degrees.  That is very hot.  But, while sewing this

the view was this.  And the temperature was 78 degrees. But that is not the best part.  The best part was the ladies at the Sew-Cial (arranged for by Sew-Cal Gal) were all wonderful and talented and made us feel so welcome.  We hope to spend many more Sew-cials with this wonderful group of women.  Thank you for inviting us.

Quilt happy,


beth said...

It was hot. Glad you had a good time at more moderate temps!!!

Barb said...

Wish I had been there, what fun...except for the temps..

SewCalGal said...

I'm so happy you could come to this little sew-cial. Sorry about the super hot weather. But I'm confident next time will be cooler.

I'm eager to see your quilt when it is finished. Love your fabrics, and, of course, I love this design too!