Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My baby's birthday is today.

This is Jolie Pond at about 18 months.  I won't say how old this picture is; but, you can see the photo is kinda faded.  By the way, her mom is with her.

Here is Jolene Yen today.
  Happy Birthday!

Quilt happy,
Marilyn  AKA Mom


Melissa said...

She is so pretty and there is a lot of her mama in her!

Robin Quilts, etc. said...

She was beautiful then and even more beautiful now. Happy Birthday Jolene.

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Jolene!!

hetty said...

Cute as a child, beautiful as a grown woman. Happy Birthday Jolene!

Khris said...

Happy Birthday Jolene...great pic of you it..hugs Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Happy Birthday Jolene!
She is beautiful! Looks just like you!!
hugs Karen

creativedawn said...

WOW! She IS gorgeous! looks quite a bit like you, Marilyn! I loved the old more of them! lol...Happy Birthday Jolene!!!


theodora said...

what a cute baby and the mom is cute too,Jolene has grown into a beautifull women like her mom,by the way if I ever come to California I will visit you I didn't forget your offer, theodora