Sunday, November 28, 2010


The quilting is done with no puckers.  I loved using the Pinmoors.  Not only was my hand saved, it was so simple to move them around as needed.  I can only show you the back.  This is a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, Maddie.  And, she just may look at my blog, even though she has been warned not to.  Now her mother, Jolene, would never have looked to spoil a surprise; however, her Aunt Janet would have climbed the Golden Gate Bridge barefoot to see.  And, she would have convinced all her siblings to go with her.  That way they wouldn't tattle. 
I'm just not taking a chance of the Aunt Janet trait.  I wonder if she still is this way?  Of course she is.  Now on to the binding.

Quilt happy,


Melissa said...

Great to know, Marilyn! Thanks!

creativedawn said...

Okay...that does it! I plan to add the pinmoors to my sewing cabinet!!
I like the line quilting and can hardly wait for the reveal!


Karen Mallory said...

Looks really good and no puckers!
I always spray baste. Saves the hands but have to be careful of the fumes.
hugs Karen

Needle in a haystack said...

Love the line quilting. I think I have actually seen this when it was just a top. Is this the one you were working on at the retreat?

hetty said...

Thanks for the pinmores info. I think I will keep my eyes open for these. I always want to look, but when I do the fun is over and I wish I have waited and been surprised. I love the way your have quilted this!