Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today on my design wall is my Lyn Brown mystery quilt that I started last summer.  It is on my UFO list and needs to be finished by the April meeting.  Finished means complete with binding and label.

What do o you think? Will I make my deadline?

For the "More".
We had a very rainy December and my Italian Parsley, growing in a pot, decided to seed itself in my backyard lawn.  Tomorrow is the day my gardener comes and mows it down.  But I am tempted to take some scissors to it first.

Oh, there she is again.

Quilt happy,


Jen said...

I would grab some of that before he mows it down!

I read your interview at Irish Muses today. You did great! Thanks for the eye candy too!

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Now this is what I call a real quilt.

creativedawn said...

I love, love your quilt!!!


creativedawn said...

Sorry, had to come back and chuckle about your inspector!!! ROFL!
Gotta inspect the parsley!!!!


Karen Mallory said...

Wonderful quilt! I am sure you will finish it! (says me who is binding and putting on a sleeve and label today on a quilt for guild meeting tomorrow! LOL)
Gee that doggie gets around!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

Another great quilt Marilyn....you are really getting things done..hugs Khris

Melissa said...

I am not a big parsley eater, but it sure looks lush when used as a lawn. Heck, who am I kidding? I'd take any lawn as long as it was green right about now!

Loving the quilt! You'll make it!

Beeshebags said...

Love the quilt Marilyn. I have every confidence in you finishing it before the deadline, and probably have started the next one too!

Gotta love little Miss Inspector, has her nose in everything hey? I bet she was wondering where the quilt was she was supposed to be looking at....after all, isn't that what Mom normally takes pics of? lol


Barb said...

You will make it....love the quilt.

The flowers are pretty....

hetty said...

Tabouleh anyone? Gosh, I'd love some of that right now. It seems so summery. Your quilt is stunning! I just know you will finish it! Who's the inspector? Is that Trudy? Some dogs just have to get into every shot!