Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This was my incoming mail.

Harry & David's Chocolate.  My friend Khristina, from Australia, sent it to me.  And, for no good reason either.  We really like Khristina don't we. 

OK, so I've had two pieces already.  But, I've had it for a few days, and it is really delicious.  Thank you Khristina, for you generosity and kindness.

This is my outgoing mail.

This is going to Australia; but, I can't tell you about it yet.  Now to sew down those buttons and pop in the mail.

Quilt happy,


creativedawn said...

Me too! me too! I had just one of mine... so smooth and creameeeeeee!!!! I love them.... Ooooo Chocolate!!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!! lol...


Carla said...

I sure could use some of those chocolates. Cut bird blocks.

Jan said...

Now that's great mail. All I ever get is bills and books.

hetty said...

Yummy mail! Cute bird blocks.

Khris said...

I really hope you enjoy the choccies my friend...hugsss Khris