Tuesday, June 7, 2011


And I'm ready.  Two Grands in the guest room.

And two grands in the quilt room. 
My daughter will be bunking in with me.  Can you tell I'm excited?
Gee, that dog gets everywhere.
Quilt happy,


Robin Quilts, etc. said...

Looks perfect!

creativedawn said...

Yep, I agree with Robin....can't get better than perfect! I love that dog!!! lol....


Needled Mom said...

Have a great visit. We just sent four grands home today after a three day stay while the parents were away. It is always wonderful, isn't it?

hetty said...

That is exciting! Cute dog. He/she feels the excitement too!

Susan said...

Excited for you Marilyn on the arrival of your family. Even more excited to meet you tomorrow night!

Karen Mallory said...

Hope you are having lots of fun! I have been seen my grands a lot!!
Summers here time for week long visits!
hugs Karen