Friday, July 8, 2011


I have been sewing small projects the past few days.  Some I can't show because the recipient may just read this blog.  :-)  But I can show you these cute lunch sacks I made.
The one on the right, with dogs, is for my granddaughter, Madeline.  She selected the fabric when she was here visiting.  I decided to make myself one at the same time.  Now I am working on another one.  I decided to create one that will go together a bit faster and add some handles.  I should be able to show you the finished bag in a couple of days.  Should. 

This morning while I was out in my garden I noticed a couple of things.  This tomato plant for one.

I didn't plant this tomato this year.  It just didn't die from last year.  We rarely, if ever, get a freeze.  It is actually doing better this year and is loaded with Roma tomatoes.  Go figure. 

And, this avocado tree was planted when my grandson, Kalani, was born.  He's eight now.  It isn't ready until December or January. So, the fruit will get much larger.
And, this is the Friday when I get my all local, organic Beachgreens delivery. 
I do love my Beachgreens.

Quilt happy,


beth said...

Those vegetables look GREAT!

creativedawn said...

Those veggies look really yummy! I've developed a great love for lettuce (romaine) and could eat that head of lettuce in one meal! The lunch bags are very doggies and big splashy flowers...


Barb said...

cute lunch sacks....

Karen Mallory said...

Cute bags Marilyn! I just finished one a few minutes ago. Will take a piccie tomorrow. The veggies look great! We are getting tons of stuff in the garden since it turned hot. Lots of zucchini and beans and sweet peas!
hugs Karen

Theodora quilts said...

the bags are so cute and I sure miss those california avocados,enjoys your veggies.

hetty said...

Your lunch bags are cute and practical. My garden is really doing well this year, but I could never grow advocados. How I envy you. Our growing period only lasts for about 4 months. Enjoy your veggies. They look delicious!

Svenja said...

hmmmm jummy.. the best things come fresh from the garden. Love the last photo.