Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tomorrow is already September.  Hard to believe really.  I always feel in the reset mode in early Spring or early Fall.  And, yesterday (It's almost Fall) I decided I needed to spruce up my surroundings.  It has been years since I changed anything around here.  I also decided I needed some orange in my life before the new color is purple or something.  Off I headed to Cost Plus World Market.  The perfect place to find something new and orange.  I immediately found this:

Now how could I pass on this?  If you look closely, you will see that "N" is orange.  I have started my sprucing up in my dining room.  I found some new curtains and borrowed "stuff" from a couple of other rooms to get my theme going.  What theme you say?  Cost Plus World Market theme.  I decided that what I needed most was a scarf for the buffet.  Try buying one the right size.  Ha!  Oh sure, I could buy one and cut it down to size.  But, I happen to have some fabric laying around here.  So, now my buffet is so happy with its new Cost-Plus-themed scarf (only home made).

I just went with a simple stitch and flip method that ends up a quilt as you go.  Easy as eating ice cream. I must be hungry. 

I even stitched the binding down by machine.  No one is going to look at that back (no you won't) and it will just quietly sit on that buffet until it gets bumped from another burst of redecorating energy. 

Quilt happy,


creativedawn said...

WOW! I love that beautiful fall floral pattern of your cost...what? Well, just lovely and you made it yourself!!!


beth said...

Love it! Can you come over and redo my place?

Pamela O said...

Looks great it

Melissa said...

Lookin' good - and not just because orange is my favorite color!

Susan said...

Love it Marilyn! I just love Cost Plus World Market... I haven't been there in ages.

hetty said...

It looks great, Marilyn!

Khris said...

Love, love, love it...hugs Khris