Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I noticed on my Yahoo homepage, that "Trending Now" was Clean Out Your Fridge. So, intrigued, I had to click on it.  That's when I found out it is "National Clean Out Your Fridge Day".  Seriously, it is.  I tried to ignore it; I really did.  I have plans to sew today.  My granddaughter's birthday is next month and she wants a quilt.  But, I went and peeked inside.

I had been having trouble finding things.  So, I did it.

Deciding to clean out the fridge:  most of the morning.
Time to actually clean out the fridge:  30 minutes
Feeling of accomplishment:  priceless

Now off to work on that quilt.

Quilt happy,


hetty said...

Cleaning something up does give one a nice feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. But even that didn't make me want to clean out my fridge.

Melissa said...

I so love a clean fridge, though cleaning it isn't always easy. Good job!

Barb said...

You can come and do mine now?

Lucky-1 said...

Fridges tend to be a bit neglected in homes, along with the ovens.


Blue Ridge Mountains said...

I cleaned out my freezer a week ago and it is just great looking in there and spotting instantly what I need. The oven got a cleaning yesterday so it is fresh for the pies and turkeys coming up this week.
Have a yummy Thanksgiving.