Friday, December 16, 2011


I belong to a great friendship group.  We call ourselves the Wednesday Wackos.  Each year for Christmas, we meet at one of the member's home for a potluck and exchange gifts with each other.  We often start thinking about these gifts at the first of the year.  That doesn't mean we don't change our minds several times until we hit upon the right one.   It is fun coming up with that certain something and getting it ready for the party.

We each take a turn passing out our gifts and everyone opens just that gift at the same time. It makes that warm glow of sharing last all the longer.

This year I made these little zippered bags and tried to match up likes and personalities.  Do you see the cat person?  I used the pattern over on Moda Bakeshop see here.

I so adore these women and the joy they bring to each other.  I feel truly blessed.  No, I didn't get pictures of the party; I was too darn busy having fun. 

Quilt happy,


Svenja said...

what a nice way to celebrate friendship. I really love that idea. we do the same or I DID the same when I was still living in Germany. We call it "Wichteln". Or "Secret Santa". I love love love this time of the year..

btw.. I can type with 2 hands again :D


beth said...

What GREAT gifts for everyone! I love them!

LeKaQuilt said...

I love your gifts, and your friends will use them every day and be thinking of you!

Barb said...

Sounds like such a fun you can breathe!!

Pat from FL and MI said...

Love the bags, and how special to have a weekly group like this!