Sunday, September 2, 2012


 This week’s first word is “Tap”. 


This is my favorite little “Clock”. 


Which “Card” should I send?  The subjects themselves even look like cards.

 Trudy thinks she is “Hidden”  .

 Another “Me Now”  photo. 

The photo-a-day challenge is from a blogger in Australia.  And it was Father’s Day in Australia yesterday, Sunday, Sept 2nd.  I want to honor my Grandfathers for the word “Father”.  They were both very important men in my life. 

Grandpa Riddle, on the left, was my mother’s father.  He was from England, raised in China, and dressed this way every single day.  This picture was taken at Echo Park in Los Angeles probably in the 50s.  Echo Park was a favorite spot of ours.

Grandpa Hansen, on the right, was my father’s father. Grandpa Hansen was from Denmark.  He was a gentleman farmer, delivered mail in horse and buggy in Fresno,  and built a Lutheran church on his end of town (because there was a need).  He was such a kind and gentle man.

They are both missed very much.

Hope you had a good week.

Quilt happy,



Karen said...

Enjoyed the post, as always. Trudy looks cute even with that little bit of her showing. :)

hetty said...

Great photos, as usual. Loved your grandpa photos and stories.

Susan said...

Love your Polaroid!
The history of your grandfathers' is priceless - loved it. :)

victorinox knives said...

Love the photos!