Sunday, September 16, 2012


Two Wacky Women held their first fall quilt retreat this weekend (there is a second fall quilt retreat in October). 

We took a field trip to one of our favorite local quilt stores, Sewing Party, and the “First Thing I Saw” was this beautiful fabric on sale.

The next thing I saw was all this gorgeous “Black and White” fabric.

My “Hero(s)” have always been quilters. Well, for a long time anyway.

These two quilting pals made the same adorable Easy Peasy bag “Together”.  Can you tell they know how to have fun?

It takes a lot of “Tables” to set up a retreat.  And, in the morning, before it all gets going, and the quilters are still thinking about getting down to the workroom, it all looks orderly. 

As you can imagine, it doesn't take long for this to change.  J

One of my “Favorite”  retreat items is our ever-growing pin collection.   There is a new pin for each retreat. 

We all had a fabulous time.  There is nothing like a group of dynamic women getting together and participating in a common interest for 3 full days.  And we get to do this all over again in October.

Hope you had a good week.

Quilt happy,



creativedawn said...

Oh yes, it is hard work setting up! However, it is so much fun participating in a" quilt y" retreat ... Hope you had some fun as well.


Svenja said...

sounds like a lot of fun and when I see all those beautyful fabrics..ahhh. no words :D I am in heaven :D


hetty said...

My favourite Sunday Snaps of all time! Sounds like you all had a terrific time this weekend! Wish I lived closer.

Karen Mallory said...

What fun Marilyn! Love those fabrics too. The charms are a great idea. One of my guilds has charms for lots of stuff we do.
hugs Karen