Sunday, October 28, 2012

SUNDAY SNAPS (10-28-12)

I had company from Australia this week.  Therefore, my Sunday Snaps are going to be about my wonderful visit with Khristina and Glen. 

First off the “Weather” was just about as perfect as you could get for late October.  It was clear and in the 80s all week.

One of my photo challenges was “People”.  How lucky to have “People” visiting me. 

We spent time visiting “In My Town”.  And this was the view “Looking Back” from my seat while dining.  Khristina and Glen enjoyed great food and a great view looking forward.

We were fortunate to score some good tickets to Two and a Half Men to watch the taping of a future show (yes, Ashton is very cute in person).  We also got a private tour of Warner Bros. back lot.  So, here are a couple of pictures of “My View There”.

And, the next “Morning”, after breakfast and a cup of coffee, my Aussie friends took off for a three-month journey of North America.  I really had a terrific time with them.  Have a wonderful trip you guys!

Quilt happy,



Karen said...

Wow- you sure showed your visitors a great time. You do such fun things, Marilyn. Love the mug :)

hetty said...

Great photos! How nice to have visitors. Would you take me to the set of Two and a Half Men if I visited you? I just love those mugs!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like they are off to a good start on their trip.

creativedawn said...

That's fabulous, Marilyn! I know they had a wonderful time...Great friend, good food, and lovely landscape...not to mention a gander at Ashton!