Sunday, October 14, 2012


Here is the last of the Sunday Snaps from Australia.

We took a backstage tour of the Opera House.  We saw almost a sea of “Red”. I’m not used to seeing theatres empty and seeing it this way was great fun.  Jolene even got to conduct for a minute.

At Mt. Alford, where the quilt retreat was held, there was an enormous chess game as part of the landscape.  Here are some of the chess pieces as “Something up Close”.

Most of my friends know that my absolute favorite comfort food is Fish and Chips.  And that is exactly what was “On the Table” when we had lunch with Diana in Bargara, or was it Bundaberg?  No matter, it was about as good as it can get.

And for “Landscape” here are a few of my favorite picks.

                                       Mt. Alford

We stopped off at Queen’s Park in Toowoomba.  What a gorgeous spot.  When I look at these two photos it “Makes Me Laugh”. 

Look at the way they planted these flowers.  Do you see a quilt pattern?

Speaking of quilts, for the last of the “Part 3” pictures I want to show a little about the quilt retreat itself.   The photo challenge word is supposed to be “Shadow” and try as I might, I cannot fit it in.  But, seriously. . . .

Linda’s gorgeous flimsy.

 Another gorgeous "Little Twister" flimsy of Anita’s.

I took hand quilting and enjoyed making some progress.

 We did go for a quilt retreat after all.  And, so much more.

 Hope you had a good week.

Quilt happy,


hetty said...

Wow! These are terrific! I love the group photo. Everyone looks so happy. And the quilt designs in the flower beds. But then, I see quilt designs everywhere. What a fantastic trip!

Barb said...

Oh...I just enjoyed your pictures!

Karen Mallory said...

Another batch of great pics Marilyn! Love the one of everyone.
Next time we go together! :)
hugs Karen

Pat from Florida said...

So fun! Brings back memories of our Aussie/NZ trip 20+ years ago!

SewCalGal said...

Such fun. Beautiful quilts too!


creativedawn said...

Spectacular gardens; great food; lovely venues and good friends! What a great group of pictures to treasure your journey for all time! Thanks for sharing the journey!!!