Sunday, March 16, 2014


This week's prompts:

10:00 AM - What I was doing at 10:00 AM.
FAR AWAY - Missing my family who is far away from here; but, close to my heart.

SOMETHING GOOD - I made taco pickles and it really is something good.

PARTIAL - This one was hard for me for some reason.  I decided on a partial view of this colorful retro fan.

FRESH - I just love the fresh smell of a newly mown lawn.

CARE - It's nice to have someone or some fur babies to care for.

EVENING - Sometimes I like to relax with my hand quilting in the evening.  TV time.

Enjoy your week and

Quilt happy,



Karen said...

Interesting pictures as usual. I am intrigued by that "taco pickle"; is it like a salsa...? It looks delicious!

hetty said...

Great pics, Marilyn! Those taco pickles look tasty. How do you make them? I also like to relax with some handwork in the evenings.

Needled Mom said...

There is nothing like the smell of freshly mowed lawns.

Barb said...

Your pictures are so good.....what is the secret?