Sunday, October 5, 2014


This week's prompts:

GAME - Oceanopoly instead of Monopoly.

WHERE I'M FROM - the raisin capital of the world.

"A" - is for Aloe a good soother for a sunburn.  

"B" - is for Bed, where is can be so hard to leave on some mornings.

"C" - is it okay to have Chocolate & Coffee for breakfast?

"D" - is for Dishwasher, on of my favorite appliances.

Have a good week and

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

Great pics! Yes! It is definitely okay to have chocolate with your coffee in the mornings! Our temperature went down too 47F last night, so it was very hard to leave my bed too!

hetty said...

Oh, dear. I figured it out wrong. The temperature last night went down to 37C.

Needled Mom said...

The dishwasher is the greatest appliance unless it full of dishes needing to be emptied!!!

Barb said...

Oh...chocolate for breakfast sounds awesome!!!