Sunday, October 12, 2014


This week's prompts:

"E" - is for Elephants.  My mother's collection of elephants.

"F" - is for Fur babies.  You know they had to get in here.

"G" - Green Groceries.  Kale is the one right now.  I bought a new salad mix the other day:  Asian greens.  Tasted a lot like what I imagine weeds taste like.  If fact, I'm pretty sure I've pulled and tossed some in the past.  

"H" - is for Hair.  

"I" - is for Ice

"J" - is for Jars.  I think I'm obsessed with jars, all kinds and sizes.

"K"- is for Keyboard.  Seems appropriate.

Have a good week and

Quilt happy,



hetty said...

I love the elephants! Kale seems to be the new vegetable for us too. There are lots of tasty weeds out there, but I try to stay away from them. Those fur babies are the cutest!

Needled Mom said...

I chuckled at the weeds! We used to have neighbors who would collect their greens from an empty field in the neighborhood - weeds!!!

Bev C said...

Hello Marilyn,

I love the elephant collection. We had Kale for tea last night. Have grown it for the first time this year and it tasted good. Had to smile at the K photo. Sometimes things are just right in front of us.
Have a happy week.