Monday, July 11, 2016


The backyard needed a bit of sprucing up. So yesterday was the day. All the herbs are planted, as well as a heirloom tomato, and an Anaheim Chili. Yay, salsa on the way.  Plus the table is ready for a nice relaxing morning coffee.

This almost finished quilt,  was from a block swap with my friendship group, the Wednesday Wackos. I had collected fabric when I went to Australia and sent a pile of fabric on for my friends to use. Ten months later I received these wonderful blocks. I had to make a couple more to come up with twelve. But, I love how using them in the BQ2 quilt is the perfect way to use these blocks.

One of our Wacko sisters' father-in-law (a WWII veteran) recently passed. Her husband was very close to his father, as was our friend. And, true to the quilting spirit, we made her husband a healing quilt. I understand he loves it.

Oh, and my new appliance (3 squares) won. I used the quinoa button to make delicious quinoa (it toasts it first). Then used it in this yummy Quinoa, mushroom, and spinach side dish.

Wishing you a good week and
Quilt happy,



Karen Mallory said...

Your garden looks lovely. I would have to get up early to have a nice temperature outside. Love the Aussie quilt. Will always remind you of your Australian adventures!! Love the healing quilt your group made. Glad the new appliance is working out. Have you tried the yogurt again?
hugs Karen

Anita said...

Love your "Aussie" quilt! And what a nice thing to do for your friends husband x

Barb said...

Think I will come and sit a spell.....wonderful quilts

Needled Mom said...

Love those quilt blocks. I also like the rw&b quilt.

Yum....I'm already tasting the salsa.

Karen said...

Your yard looks so inviting. Ours is looking scraggly from so much rain.
Love your quilts; the comfort quilt will live up to its name.

Marianne said...

Love setting on your Aussie quilt - very unique! Wish I could come and sit in your garden with you...