Monday, November 28, 2016


How was your Thanksgiving? I had a great one. Company was in from out of town and they wanted to do the tourist thing in downtown Los Angeles. Our first stop was at Philippe’s Original French Dip. That’s always a fun place for lunch. But, I failed to pull out a camera.

However, I did remember to get a picture at the Grand Central Market. Gosh, you really could spend an entire day just exploring all the different stalls.
And, what a wonderful cultural diversity of eateries. We brought home Salvadoran pupusas for dinner.

The Central Market has quite a history and if you are interested, you can read a little about it here.

Another interesting historical landmark is Angel’s Flight.

It is directly across from the Central Market. I remember my grandmother taking me on it as a child. Sadly, it is no longer in operation. You can, however, walk up the stairs along side.

I don’t know if you saw what the freeways looked like over Thanksgiving week here in Southern California. I’m so glad that I had set a goal to be on the way home by 3:00 PM. We avoided this mess.

We also managed to take in a movie at one of the new “Recliner” seat theaters popping up everywhere. I must say, I am getting hooked on them.

It was back to normal on the weekend and believe it or not, it rained both days. A perfect time for sewing. So I managed to finish this quilt top.

Another UFO.  Sigh…

I hope you have a good week and

Quilt happy,



Needled Mom said...

It sounds like a perfect outing - I hope you enjoyed the French Dip for me! Glad you missed that gridlock on the freeways too. I saw pictures of it online. Sheesh.

It would have been a perfect sewing weekend. Your hearts look fabulous.

Onwards to December!

hetty said...

Wow! You did a lot. Love those hearts. That will be a wonderful quilt!

Karen said...

You've been up to some fun things...well, other than that traffic business which is mind-boggling. The theatre seats do indeed look comfy, but what a waste of a ticket that would be for my husband - it's hard enough to keep him awake during a movie now!!
Sweet quilt - busy lady!

Marianne said...

Great looking quilt, Marilyn!

Wacky Woman said...
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Barb said...

You always take the best pictures