Saturday, July 3, 2010


My dogs love sitting on my quilts. If a quilt finds its way to the floor, there you go. This is Trudy, my miniature schnauzer, happily claiming it as her own.
Not to be out done, Gracie soon found a corner to claim. I'm telling you, they love them.
I had to laugh when Trudy began to pull out her favorite goodies to add to her comfort zone. If you look carefully, you will see her monkey, her lambie pie, and a couple of her chew toys. What dogs.
Happy quilting,


Robin Quilts, etc. said...

They both look so cute and well behaved.

creativedawn said...

Yes, the two of them are completely adorable!!! I love your pics and I'm loving that quilt as well...wonderful pics Marilyn!!!


Diana said...

Oh love the quilt Marilyn, and those puppies are just the cutest the little monkeys, lol.

Karen Mallory said...

The doggies look sooooooooo cute on your quilt!! You know it is a good quilt when it is loved!!
hugs Karen

Bev C said...

Lucky dogs!!! Beautiful quilts.
Happy days.

Melissa said...

That's the lovely thing about animals, Marilyn. They know what they like and they go for it!

SewCalGal said...

So very cute (four legged kids and quilts). I do so hope you'll enter my Pets on Quilt Show in August (


scottylover said...

What pretty pups! It is amazing how they "find" something and claim it as their own. Love the quilt too! Thanks for sharing.

Sandy A

Becky said...

Your dogs have great taste! "Their" quilt is stunning.

Barb said...

Oh you need to enter that in Sew Cal's pet cute!!