Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am not getting any sewing done this week. And for a very good reason: family from Idaho is visiting. This is a picture of two of my grandchildren, Rachel and Eric.

Both of them have their own Grandma-made quilt, and they seem to like them. In fact, the quilts came with them to Long Beach and they have slept under their own each night. I told them if they wanted a new quilt to each pick out nine (9) fat quarters, from my large FQ collection, and I would make them a Wacky Divine Nine. I just love Robin's Wacky Divine Nine Quilt pattern Robin Quilts Etc. The above is Rachel's pick.

This is Eric's pick. What do you think? A couple of good looking quilts coming in the future? Kids always do well picking out fabric if you just leave them alone and let them go for it.

Happy quilting,



Jan said...

Have a great visit.

beth said...

What a great gift to give to the grandkids. I bet they had fun choosing some fabric!

creativedawn said...

That must have been great fun...them selecting their fabrics! Like shopping at Grandma's store!!! You sound very happy!! great looking grands!

hugz, Pam

Melissa said...

Yes kids do have such a gift that way. I think it is because they just go for it and pick what they like without worrying about what's trendy or designer.

Micki said...

Boy, they did a great job picking the fabric!

Diana said...

They both did great picking their fabrics, cant wait to see them made up.

Michele said...

Wow - maybe you could hire them out to pick out combos for other people :)