Monday, October 11, 2010


I graduated from Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California at least 100 years ago.  And, I just just got back from my high school reunion.  It was rather disappointing in that there were only about 30 of us who made it.  I'm sure there are many reasons for this and a large reason is no one could find each other.  So, is does make one stop and realize that we need to work at keeping up with each other.  On my day to return to my life in Long Beach, three out of four best friends managed to meet for breakfast. We spent over two hours (clearly not enough time) visiting and doing some long-needed catching up on our lives.  Vicki and Linda still live in the area.  Our fourth best friend, Lanier, lives in Dixon and couldn't make the reunion.  While at breakfast, we pulled out our calendars for next year (OK, I pulled out my cell phone) and we have scheduled a girl's weekend for August of 2011.  Hope you can make it Lanier.

We all wore name badges with our Senior pictures on them and some other memorabilia to make us feel old.  Check out these prices (just click on the photo).  Told you it was over 100 years ago.

Quilt happy,



Melissa said...

I'm glad you had fun and I must say you girls look pretty good for being over 118 years old!!

Karen Mallory said...

Great picture Marilyn! Fond memories hey! Remember when McDonalds menu was 10 cents for any item!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

I love that black and white pic of you....very hot chick....and you still are...hugs Khris

creativedawn said...

Oooo la la! Piping, sizzling hot chick, you are Marilyn! lol! You guys look like you had a wonderful time catching up.


theodora said...

what fun you had, I love the menu ,I used to live in Gendale ,Ca and there was a woolworth across the street from the cosmotology school which I was a student back in the 80's I used to go in a have a bite ,but soon after it closed it is to bad I miss those days.

Micki said...

I haven't been to a HS reunion in a long time, but they are fun to attend.