Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I took my neighbor and good friend out to lunch today for her birthday.  And, when she got in the car she started laughing.  Because this is what she saw. 

Me with my sun glasses on with one lens out.  And, I didn't know it.  I thought that my one eye (the one with the lens) must be dirty and that I would clean it when we got somewhere.  Luckily I have many dark glasses in my car.  Just think if she wasn't there to tell me. We were going to have her take a picture with my new phone before she left and forgot.  So I had to take it myself when I got home.  I wonder if it was like that yesterday at Ralph's Grocery Store?  If it was, no one laughed.

But, here is Dee at one of our favorite local spots, Cafe Ambosia.  The mimosas were on special.  Happy Birthday Dee.

So, I think there is a moral to the story, always look in the mirror before you get too far. 

Quilt happy and hi Sue


Karen Mallory said...

Hey! The older we get the more stories like that we have!! LOL
glad you had a nice time with your friend.
hugs Karen

Jan said...

Too funny!

beth said...

you're giving everyone smile today Marilyn. :)

Melissa said...

OK you are right, that is a silly story! But now that you have those glasses, maybe you ought to wear them out and see if anyone does say anything! ROFL! I hope you two had a mimosa for me!

Khris said...

OMG you were a real blond weren't you missy....gotta love ya from your blond freind Khris

Anita said...

I can't stop laughing Marilyn!!!

Diana said...

Oh that's so funny Marilyn, love you for givimg me my laugh today, lol, such a good friend for telling you , glad you guys had a great lunch.

hetty said...

Too funny! But your advice about looking in the mirror is super. I once went to work with my sweater on inside out. Luckily one of my co-workers noticed it before my students came into the room. Save one of those mimosas for me!

Pamela O said...

Only funny

Micki said...

I enjoyed your post so much...It was so funny!

Cloth Doll Lover said...

Marylin that is a very profound moral in more ways than one...but very funny how you came to sounds like you had a lovely lunch with your friend.