Monday, December 13, 2010


I know there are record cold temperatures around the country right now.  But, here in Southern California we have been experiencing record highs the past couple of days.  My neighbor took me out for a Christmas lunch today and we were able to eat outside it was so warm.  Thanks Dee.
As I, once again, had my phone in my hand to take pictures, I saw a gorgeous dog walking toward me and thought it just looked so So Cal walking your dog at the shore.  As Buddy approached, his person was my friend, Natalie of Beyond the Reef.  You can see her blog here
And then of course there was this.
It was a wonderful day.

Quilt happy,


Anonymous said...

it was a brilliant day! glad you were free.
i just scanned your log and i'm going to try the puppy chow mix. too funny. i have a red plastic dog bone i can serve it in.

Barb said... would have to rub in the warm weather you are having as I am freezing my tush off....

Loved the pictures and that desert is sooo wonderful!

Susan said...

We are so lucky aren't we? Yesterday and today were just glorious here in our neck of CA. Love having lunch at the shore. :). Can't wait to meet you at QBS next month.

Karen Mallory said...

I remember those Southern California winters well! Never asked for a coat for Christmas!
It is a lot colder up here in Northern California.
hugs Karen

SewCalGal said...

Great So. Cal. day. And how fun that you bumped into Natalie of Beyond the Reef. Like two movie stars meeting in Hollywood. Way cool!


hetty said...

Wow! I'd give anything to sit outside in the sun and have lunch. Here it is 10F (-12C) and with the wind it feels like -9F (-23C). On Saturday I saw some people sitting outside a coffee shop, enjoying the 'warm' weather. It was 33F (1C).

Micki said...

It is cold, cold, cold, here, but glad that you are enjoying warmer temps. I used to live in San Diego, so i know how warm it can get.