Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today my mail carrier rang my bell and then left.  That usually signifies that she has delivered a package.  And sure enough this was propped up on my mail box: a package from Shutterfly.

There it sat, just a styrofoam box with this tape on it,  "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION".  I shook it.  No rattles.  I wasn't expecting anything; but, I still didn't want a broken something.  So, I carefully slit the package sealing tape and this was inside.

My Valentine from my Florida family.  This is what you will see when I drink my coffee.

This is what I see when I drink my coffee.  Maybe I need to make another mug rug.  Thank you guys.  I love it and you!  Silly post office.  Not at all damaged.

Quilt happy,


Sharon-NZ said...

oh very cool that is neat, cc's kids sent him one of those mugs with their pics on for fathers day....he loves it

Melissa said...

Oh thank goodness! And that is a wonderful gift!

creativedawn said...

Oh Marilyn,
I love that mug and what a wonderful gift!!! That is so sweet!

Glad it wasn't damaged...


Nancy Post said... mug could have been broken...glad it was all in 1 piece. What a thoughtful gift. Happy Valentine Day!

Robin Quilts, etc. said...

I love the mug. It's the perfect gift for you. Sure glad it made in all in one piece.

Karen Mallory said...

Sure glad your daughter pakages well! Maybe it got snowed on somewhere inbetween Florida and California! LOL I love personalized stuff!
hugs Karen

hetty said...

What a cute mug. Glad it was not damaged. You definitely will have to make another mug rug! They're cool, easy and addictive and I am sure you could whip on up in no time.

Barb said...

That is soooo awesome!!!

Micki said...

That mug is wonderful! Glad that it wasn't broken after all.

SewCalGal said...

Don't you just wonder how the post office would accept a package "received" in damaged condition. Just doesn't make sense to me. LOL!

Happy to see the mug arrived in good condition. How very thoughtful of your family in Florida. And I agree, it needs a special mug rug!


Theodora quilts said...

That is a very special gift and something you will be holding every day , I also noticed that you got that red black and white quilt finished I just love those colors the red in there just gives it the right zang, I also noticed you used red thread to quilt it I think I would go with that too . you have been busy so many projects all finished ,that is a good feeling , thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing what I'm up to ,I wish you a nice day,xoxo theodora