Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I bet most of us have a story to tell.  I've been reading several on the blogs I follow.  Living on the West Coast, it was early morning and I turned on my TV upon wakening.  Katie Couric and Matt Lauer was talking about a freak accident where a plane had flown into one of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.  It was only a short time until we saw the 2nd plane fly into the other World Trade Center building.  Now everyone knew this was no accident.  And they also were reporting about the the Pentagon. 

I immediately knocked on the other bedroom doors to tell everyone to get up to watch TV.  Life, as we knew it, had changed. I still am saddened thinking about the immense loss of life and the why of it all.

I love this image.  Thank goodness our spirit and hope still soars upward.  Do you have a story to share about where you were or what you were doing when you heard about this?  I hope you will share it. 



Jan said...

It was and is so heartbreaking. When I'm in NYC, my heart breaks every time I pass the site.

Pat from FL and MI said...

Me? I was teaching fifth grade. Just another morning. Until parents started pulling their kids from class. I had no idea why until lunch. Someone told me we, America, had been attacked by? and with our own planes. Shock!

hetty said...

I was teaching special ed. at a local highschool, here in Toronto. Students, staff and then the principal came to our classroom door and told us about the attack. There were no televisions available to our kids, so I went home on my break. I only live 2 minutes from the school. And I watched as the second plane flew into the other tower. I lost my innocence that day. The world became a dangerous place. I could not put my feelings into words when I got back to my classroom. I just hugged all of my students. It was a horrible thing.

Melissa said...

I was at work and we had a TV the projected onto a large screen like 10 feet wide. We were watching the first tower thinking what an awful accident it was when we watched the second plane fly into the second tower. After a few seconds of shock, it was obvious that that was not an accident. I called my mom and asked her to help keep an ear out in case we had to scramble to get the kids - my son in grade school and my daughter in high school. Then we heard about the Pentagon. My BIL worked there at the time and I immediately called him and then his wife, but got no answer. We were very worried until we found out that my SIL had had a medical test that required she be driven home and he had taken the day off. That evening at home, my daughter and her girlfriend were in the living room and of course the TV was on with the news. My daughter expressed her fear of going out. She said to imagine the damage they could do if they attacked the mall or a high school football game. Everyone would never leave their house and business would crash to a halt. At that I became very angry that they had scared my child. I know my loss was nothing compared to hundreds of others, but I heard my daughter speak thoughts that were just awful and it really p----d me off!

Karen Mallory said...

I was babysitting my first granddaughter at that time. She was 2. My daughter came in to wake me up and said the United States was under attack, and said the twin towers had fallen and a plane crashed into the pentagon. I was in shock and just turned on the tv and me and Kassy (my granddaughter) just sat in front of it all day. My daughter told me the next day that Kassy had asked why grandma was crying all day.
hugs Karen