Friday, January 13, 2012


Remember that post about a new project a while ago?  Last night I turned over the President's gavel to this year's president.  It is tradition that the outgoing president give thank you gifts to the Board.  I used Robin's wonderful pattern the Tote Along.

I put the guild's logo on one side of the pocket.  Long Beach has gone plastic bag free and you must provide your own bags at stores or pay 10 cents per paper bag.  So, these just may come in handy.  And, I think they turned out pretty cute.  I had an oops on one bag (not too bad out of 35).  I mean a big oops.  One handle got put on twisted.  I triple sew these handles down and decided NOT us unsew.  The lucky person who got he "oops" Tote Along got this pattern with fabric as a gift.  Marisole, Vice President of Workshops, was the lucky person.  I bet she gets it made. 

Now it's time for another new project.

Quilt happy,


Robin Quilts, etc. said...

Thank you for my bag, I really love it.

Svenja said... great idea.. Here they make us pay now as well. In my eyes thats pretty good cause ppl wont learn to take care about your planet, if they get everything for free.I always use selfmade bags for shopping. :)

Have a super great weekend.


hetty said...

Great gifts! We have gone plastic bag free for a number of years now. But our plastic bags only cost 5 or 6 cents. Not a lot. I see many shoppers leaving the store with plastic bags. And most of them are of the male variety. This would make an interesting study. Wish I was still in university.

Susan said...

I thought it was pretty cool how you had one "oops" bag in the mix - think it made it fun for everyone to see what they received. Yea for Marisol - Cool fact about her - I had a class with her at CSULB a few years back - recognized her voice at the guild meeting I attended last year. Small world eh? Enjoyed my first meeting as a member - glad to be a part of the community. :)

Barb said... did 35, you are amazing. Putting the logo on there was a nice added touch. I bet you are glad that reign is over....