Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I belong to a couple of guilds:  Quilters by the Sea in Long Beach and Orange Grove Quilters Guild in Garden Grove.  For Christmas OGQG gave their members this beverage mug.

What a great idea.  Quilters make it their own and at the same time quit adding those paper or Styrofoam cups to the land fill.  I decided to make selvedge fabric.

And, here is my personal quilter's mug, ready to take with me to the February meeting.

 I love it. Now to remember to take it with me; and to remember to bring it home. But, I’m going to try real hard.

Quilt happy,



Pat from FL and MI said...

Ooh! My favorite -- anything made from selvages! Love it!

Jennifer Gail said...

Love it:)

Susan said...

I love it too! So creative to use the selvages. :) Hope you come back home with it.

creativedawn said...

Love it!


hetty said...

Love the selvages. The reusable mug is a good thing. At our guild meetings we have to bring our own mugs or pay a fine of 25 cents.

Diana said...

oh clever girl, love it, now you need a mug bag to go with it, lol

Karen Mallory said...

Great! Didn't know you were collecting selvages! The guild must have money to buy everyone a mug!! Or it is a tiny guild??
hugs Karen

Live a Colorful Life said...

Cute! I briefly thought of making these to sell. I have a bunch of them in storage. I really like yours--since I'm a total sucker for selvages!