Monday, December 31, 2012


2013 starts tomorrow for most of us.  But, for some of you, it is here already.  Happy New Year!!  And, to everyone else, I hope you enjoy celebrating tonight in whatever way that may be.

My 2013 challenge is “Make-it-Monday”.  Each Monday I plan to show you some supplies, most likely fabric related, that I will be working on during the week.  These will be small projects:  doable during the week.  Then on Friday, I will post a “Finished-on-Friday” post.  And, most important, my goal is to do this entirely from my stash.  I promise to be honest with you if I cave.   OK, for week one it is using scraps.  Little ol’ pieces of scraps.   

On Friday I’ll post the finish.

Quilt happy,



Jan said...

This will be fun for you. I'm committed to using my stash, only, this year.

Vesuviusmama said...

This should be fun for both you and us! Looking forward to seeing what those little scraps become!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fun idea

creativedawn said...

Well, I like this and perhaps I'll join you. Scraps, eh...that might be doable. I guess I better get a picture posted.


Karen Mallory said...

Sounds like a plan Marilyn! Maybe I should work on posting more.
hugs Karen

Jacqueline said...

I am glad you have set this goal and I will besure to tune in to watch your progress.

My goal is to give at least one something or throw something away each week of 2013. I am going to declutter my life some what

Pamela O said...

Really cute idea Marilyn....something fun to follow