Sunday, December 9, 2012


I’m “Out and About” again this week. This is the drive up Highway 1 along the California Central Coast.  Every year around this time, I meet a girlfriend, from Northern California, in San Luis Obispo.  We have been friends since our children were in kindergarten together and we found ourselves sharing the job of room mothers.

 We love this restaurant in Moro Bay:  Dorn's.  The menu is “Something I Held”. 

Just look at that view out of Dorn’s window.  That’s Moro Rock with a bit of fog.  I like the picture in “Black and White”.

We had a bit of rain and a lot of fog.  But “Looking Up”  at the sky on the day I left,  it was pretty clear and very beautiful.

I am back at home now and here is a snap of “Where I Live”.  While I love getting out and about and seeing places, I still love it here.

Now it’s time to get back in the groove, get those holiday decorations out, get to shopping, and create more quilts.  Here is part of my Christmas banner on my front porch.  I didn’t realize how many “Stars” I had added to it.  I’ve been putting this up on the front porch now for about 10 years. 


Quilt happy,



hetty said...

I was lucky enough to travel on Hwy 1 when we were in California. Just beautiful. We stopped and heard a sort of barking sound. When we looked down at the beach, we saw hundreds of sea lions. I'll never forget that. Love the scene of where you live too.

Frances Moore said...

What a great getaway. It is one of my fave destinations. No quilt store shopping?